Lesley Knaggs @ work



Nature, travel, adventure and the simple pleasures of everyday life are all constant sources of creative inspiration for me and my jewelry. The arts have always been an important part of my life: from the performing arts throughout my childhood to a BA in Art History followed by a decade working as a Publicist for The May & Danela Galleries in Scottsdale, AZ. I also completed an MBA for good measure. Family life with my husband and raising our 2 beautiful daughters has been my greatest joy along with my discovery of metals.

La Tem is simply the word metal in reverse. I am in awe of metal as a raw material - copper, brass, silver, steel - and the endless ways these various metals can be altered, manipulated and formed using both ancient and modern techniques to create limitless, stunning artistic creations.

My journey into metals and creating jewelry is continually evolving. I seek out the creative process in all aspects of my life. I particularly love that initial spark of an idea - it is exhilarating! The process of sawing and soldering are both huge passions of mine. Fabricating by hand the many different elements to become one cohesive, unique piece of jewelry is extremely rewarding.

I am intrigued with the symbiotic relationship between jewelry and fashion; together they have a powerful ability to transform a person's mind, body and spirit. When you wear La Tem Jewelry, it is my desire that you feel empowered with strength & beauty, empowered to express your unique individuality, empowered to share your story with the world and empowered to simply be YOU!