Bench Appreciation Week

This is the start of a fun series of posts showcasing the adventures of "Me & My Bench." A metalsmith's bench gets a lot of use and abuse while creating jewelry with hammering, soldering, drilling, and sawing, etc. so I will be "wearing" my bench and taking her out and about to show her some LOVE and let her know how much I appreciate her always being there for me. Follow along in our Fun & Crazy Adventures together! First stop is Costa Rica. My bench had never been outside of the studio before this adventure and her excitement was palpable. We reveled in the majestic outdoor landscapes of Costa Rica for 3 complete weeks. My bench enjoyed swimming through waterfalls, basking in the salty sea air of numerous beaches, drinking scrumptious pina coladas and passion fruit margaritas overlooking the most breathtaking views, riding on a wild zip line roller coaster, sampling new and tasty foods and simply enjoyed being at one with nature. It was an exciting first trip together for me and my bench and we both felt completely centered, grounded and invigorated - although we were all play and no work, we still couldn't help but find new jewelry inspiration all around us! Here's to our next adventure together! We can't wait. For now it is back to the studio feeling so refreshed and filled with so many amazing memories.